Eminem Is The Biggest Sissy-Bully

Richard Roeper of the Chicago Sun-Times said following Eminem’s string of fueds against the likes of Triumph the Insult Comic Dog, Moby, Britney Spears, Christina Aguilera, and N’Sync “Face up to it, Eminem. You’re the biggest sissy-bully in the history of pop music.”

He adds “Eminem is hardly the street-tough hip-hop badass he claims to be. It’s not as if he’s acting out the murder of Henry Rollins onstage, or writing nasty lyrics about Mike Tyson, or calling out Vin Diesel in his videos.”

“No, he’s too busy dissing pretty boy rappers, female politicians, hip-swiveling girl singers and a hand puppet. How brave?! Yuck! He definitely has a crush on Moby.”

“The Powerpuff Girls, the Bush twins and Bob the Builder better watch themselves around this guy, because he takes no prisoners.”

Mariah Carey Says Eminem Not Rude

When Blender interviewed Mariah Carey and presumed that her song ‘Clown’ is about Eminem, the singer laughed.

“No, we can’t presume that” she says. “With all the clowns I’ve come across in my life, how the hell could we narrow it down to one?”

“For him, I don’t think he was that rude. For him, that was mild” she said.

Robbie Williams And Eminem To Duet?

Robbie Williams is plotting a duet with Eminem, according to press reports that have emerged one by one, and it’s all in a bid to crack the American music market.

“It will be the perfect partnership. They have mutual respect for each other” an executive on Robbie’s US label revealed.

“Eminem is the world’s biggest artist at the moment and a duet will catapult Robbie to the final level-making it in the US. They’re both talented artists and it will be a very exciting project.”

Eminem’s Movie Not Exactly About Him

The main man behind Eminem’s new movie ‘8 Mile’ has admitted that the film has little to do with the rapper’s real life.

It was originally thought to be based on the hip-hop star’s turbulent upbringing, but Brian Grazer, whose studio, Imagine Entertainment, made the movie, says that’s quite far from the truth.

“It’s about teenage angst. It’s about how we all face crossroads, and which direction are we going to go? There’s a good guy in his life and a bad guy in his life.”

“One guy represents a short cut and kind of a bad direction. And one guy represents a guy ‘hey, work hard and it’ll work’, and that’s another direction. And we get to see how that plays itself out. So obviously he didn’t have something like that in his life right. That’s a thing we created and that’s the drama we created.”

‘8 Mile’ hits screens in the US on 8th of November. Fans in the UK will have to wait until someplace in January 2003 to watch it.

Eminem And Christina Aguilera Are Like Siblings

Eminem and Christina Aguilera have agreed that they are both alike, almost brother and sister.

The ‘Dirrty’ singer apparently confronted Eminem at the MTV Video Music Awards a couple of months back. Christina said she spoke her peace with Slim and it ended in a hug.

She said “Our battle was somewhat like a brother and sister fighting, isn’t it. Maybe because we both speak our minds and that can clash sometimes, I don’t know.”

Boy George Feels That Eminem’s Gay

Eminem is just pretending to be homophobic, says ’80s British camp icon, Boy George.

Pretty much to the shock of everyone, former Culture Club singer turned up at London nightclub, Chinawhites, wearing a tee shirt that read ‘Eminem Screws Gays’.

Claiming to be a massive fan of the rapper is Boy George who said to the news “I think it’s time that pretty-boy Eminem stopped rattling on about gay issues because it’s a subject he has no experience of. Or is there something he’s not telling us? Looks like it is, if he keeps being homphobic, isn’t it.”

Eminem Had To Re-Record A Number

Since he wasn’t given permission to use a riff from a Beatles song, Eminem has revealed that he was hence forced to redo a song on his upcoming full-length release, entitled ‘The Eminem Show’.

Speaking to Rolling Stone, the ‘Stan’ rapper explained that his track ‘Hailie’s Song’ initially highlighted the melody of ‘While My Guitar Gently Weeps’ but he was forced to revise it when George Harrison’s wife declined to grant him permission to use it.

“From what I understand, George heard it before he passed away and he unquestionably liked it” he said. “I don’t understand the political side, but his wife has control of the music now, and she said no, so I had to re-sing it all and redo the song man.”

Eminem Versus Piracy

An unprecedented level of security has been placed around Eminem’s new album in an attempt to beat bootleggers. According to reports, only a handful of people at the rapper’s label, Shady Records, have been allowed to hear The Eminem Show.

Also, no advance copies of the album have been made available to Em’s UK label, Universal Music. The operation represents the highest ever level of security for a new release.

Em’s label is keen not to suffer the mass bootlegging that damaged the sales of Jay Z & R Kelly’s The Best Of Both Worlds. The collaborative album was available on the streets of New York a month before its official release date.

In other related news, the video for Em’s new single Without Me reportedly sees the rapper dress up as Osama Bin Laden. The track features guest appearances from Dr Dre, D12 and new Shady Records’ signing, Obie Trice.

The Eminem Show will be released in the UK on the 3rd of June 2002.

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