Eminem’s Movie Not Exactly About Him

The main man behind Eminem’s new movie ‘8 Mile’ has admitted that the film has little to do with the rapper’s real life.

It was originally thought to be based on the hip-hop star’s turbulent upbringing, but Brian Grazer, whose studio, Imagine Entertainment, made the movie, says that’s quite far from the truth.

“It’s about teenage angst. It’s about how we all face crossroads, and which direction are we going to go? There’s a good guy in his life and a bad guy in his life.”

“One guy represents a short cut and kind of a bad direction. And one guy represents a guy ‘hey, work hard and it’ll work’, and that’s another direction. And we get to see how that plays itself out. So obviously he didn’t have something like that in his life right. That’s a thing we created and that’s the drama we created.”

‘8 Mile’ hits screens in the US on 8th of November. Fans in the UK will have to wait until someplace in January 2003 to watch it.

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