Blue To Train To Be Thin And Face Band Name Lawsuit

Record chiefs have told Blue to shape up. They have told the band they are getting fat and fear that their extravagant lifestyles could eventually leave them unattractive to fans.

Lee, Duncan, Antony and Simon are all regular showbiz partygoers, prompting execs at their label Innocent to draft in a personal trainer.

The lads made a dramatic entrance at Sunday’s Party In The Park as they were hoisted onto the stage on wires.

The trainer will enforce a strict regime of healthy eating and daily exercise on the boys. A close friend of the band told the papers “Blue are supposed to be heartthrobs but their management were worried fans will lose interest if they turn chubby. Plus, their bosses reckoned all those booze sessions and late nights were beginning to take their toll” added the source.

As you would’ve probably heard already, Blue are not the first boyband to face enforced physical regimes in order to be thin.Westlife recently spent a portion of a million pounds to be thin, especially Bryan McFadden who apparently has been training to be skinny after Simon Cowell told him he was too fat.

In other Blue-related news, Blue is facing legal action from another band labeled as Blue, which claims that the name-based confusion is ruining its recording career.

Members of the lesser-known Scottish band Blue, made up of Hugh Nicholson and Ian MacMillan, along with their record company The Record Label, have launched a High Court action against the London-based Blue as well as their recording label, Virgin Records and parent company EMI Records.

The action seeks to prevent London-based Blue from using the name Blue for the purpose of records and recording. It also claims damages from the members of the band for using the name previously.

Hugh and Ian formed the Scottish Blue in the 1970s and it’s said the band still records.

Blue’s Antony And That Episode At Leeds

After being hit in the head with a bottle at a recent showcase, Blue’s Antony Costa, had to be dragged away in order to prevent a brawl between himself and a Leeds youth.

Blue were set to play at Leeds University’s Summer Ball at Lotherton Hall, but fans became angry after the band arrived onstage much later than their fixed 12.30am timeslot. And so by the time, boyband Blue took to the stage and started performing, many fans were drunk which probably made everyone present feel like the band were merely miming away.

One observer said, speaking to the press “Everyone started to go like ‘boo!’ when they figured the band were just miming. That’s when the beer started getting thrown around plus the bottles as well, which definitely led to a bottle hitting Antony on the head.”

As soon as that occurred, Antony, 21, jumped into the crowd to confront the male fan, despite bandmate Simon Webbe’s efforts to pull him back onstage.

“He was shouting like a crazed fellah, ‘We’re Blue ok, why don’t you just f**k off if you don’t like us! You’re just jealous because your girlfriend wants to shag us instead!” added the observer.

The assailant was quickly removed from the grounds by security.

Afterwards, a spokesman for the band said “Yes. There was an incident involving a plastic bottle being thrown at Antony.”

I like the line you used, Antony, the part where you go ” -You’re just jealous because -“. Nice.

Blue on their way to the US!

Sick of the same old NSYNC and Backstreet Boys playing in your radio? Well, you’re in luck because a new band has just formed in the United Kingdom, called Blue. They are just starting to get popular in the U.S. and Canada. Blue mixes their music styles – they include hip-hop, R&B, and pop in all their songs.

Check them out at