Eminem Says Britney Sucks

Eminem has blasted Britney Spears again.

The rapper said, “Yes, I’ve met Britney a couple of times, but I’m not going to demolish her in public.”

“I’m not a fan of her music though. I listen to it when it comes on the radio. I even find myself dacing my tush at clubs every now and then too. I can’t knock her for doing her thing, but bottomline is she sucks and she can’t sing for nuts.”

Kylie Minogue And Her Body Language

Kylie Minogue is covering up for her new single ‘Slow’ despite putting out an album called ‘Body Language’.

The ‘In Your Eyes’ elfin singer said, “It might seem a little strange to call my album ‘Body Language’ when we’re trying to get away from the body, but essentially this time round it’s all about movement and choreography.”

As for the disc being released to go up against Britney Spears, she said, “I heard about that, but I have a feeling that it’s going to be different to mine.”

Click here to watch Kylie’s new video, Slow

Beyonce Knowles Ain’t Making Versace Happy

Beyonce Knowles, the one who gave us the infectious Indian sounding ‘Baby Boy’, has just landed herself a lucrative GBP3 million deal to wear Armani clothes.

However, Armani weren’t the only Italian couture giants eager for Beyonce to sport their high-class gear. Versace were also keen to sponsor the ‘Bootylicious’ star’s upcoming ‘Dangerously In Love’ tour.

“Both were desperate for her to wear their clothes while she performed. Armani won with a huge cheque and everyone was happy, apart from Versace of course.”

Red Hot Chili Peppers Have Their Fortunes Faded

Red Hot Chili Peppers will issue a brand new single running up to the release of their Greatest Hits package next month. ‘Fortune Faded’ is due 10 of November on two formats backed by non-album tracks like the brilliant and “got every potential to be a single” ‘Eskimo’, ‘Bunker Hill’ and ‘Tuesday Night In Berlin’.

The band’s Greatest Hits will follow on 17 of November featuring material from almost every album of the Red Hot Chili Peppers’ 20 year career along with another new track, ‘Save The Population’.

Sugababes To Become A Duo?

Just as their latest single ‘Hole In The Head’ tops the UK charts, reports are quickly emerging saying that the Sugababes are on the verge of breaking up once again. Keisha Buchanan and Mutya Buena have told pals they can’t wait to get rid of bandmate Heidi Range and become a duo.

“Keisha and Mutya don’t get on with Heidi very well,” a source close to the fractured trio revealed.

“It’s hard because she joined the band after them. Plus they have been friends for ages. They want her out and would rather sing as a duo.”

Legally Jessica Simpson

According to MTV News, Jessica Simpson is going to Harvard and other Ivy League schools to perform and host a question-and-answer session with students in early 2004.

The trip will be filmed for the second season of ‘Newlyweds’, the suprise hit MTV show. Jessica’s manager and father, Joe Simpson, said the idea was inspired by ‘Legally Blonde’.

Before the Ivy League tour, the blonde vocalistress will warm up with a similar string of concert and Q&A events at high schools across the country.

That outing begins 23 of October in Atlanta and visits Dallas, Oklahoma City, Charlotte, Orlando, Tampa, Chicago and Kansas City before ending 11 of November in Minneapolis.

Along with the tours, Jessica has been busy meeting with movie producers about a number of projects, including a big screen adaptation of ‘I Dream of Jeannie’.

Sarah Whatmore Loves Shopping

Just what has Sarah Whatmore been up to?

Well, aside from recording her long-awaited album, the cute popstar has been indulging in her other favourite past time lately which is essentially shopping.

So tell us, Sarah, where does a girl like yourself with such exquisite taste in clothes find the best bargains?

“I love Mango and Zara,” she says. “I love that European and Mediterranean look. I also like H&M. They’re really good. Then there’s Burberry’s, Ralph Lauren and Escada. I get bits from there so if you are looking to get really fashionable stuff, you would need to get stuff from there.”

“Did you know I was a shopaholic? I’m really, really bad ain’t I!”

In the meantime, Sarah’s album should be out sometime early next year.