A Little Deeper With Ms Dynamite

Australia’s Beat Magazine spoke with Ms Dynamite on her new album ‘A Little Deeper’ and what she wanted to accomplish with the record.

“I never, ever had a game plan actually” she said. “I never had a clue of what I was going to do. I originally was intending to make a garage album or an MC-ing album, I didn’t want to sing because I did not like my way of singing. I really didn’t feel that I could sing so it was a big surprise to me as well as everyone else when I eventually started singing.”

“But I didn’t really have any plan. I didn’t think, ‘OK, this is what I want to do.’ I just kind of went with the flow. I did what felt right. It was quite spontaneous, really.”

Ms Dynamite will free her second single ‘Dy-na-mi-tee’ out to record shops on the 26th of August.

It’s All About The Money Says Ms Dynamite

Up and coming garage sensation Ms Dynamite, whose single, entitled ‘It Takes More’ is said to enter the Top 20 region in this week’s singles chart, has slammed the UK music scene, claiming that lots of UK talent is being overlooked in favour of more commercially viable artists.

Talking to a webzine, the beautiful Ms Dynamite admitted that the UK has an abundance of talent that is just not getting through.

“I think there’s a lack of people being given the chance to break through in the UK. For the last two years I’ve met a lot of people in the industry that are just as talented if not more so.”

She says “They’re not given the same chances or money or time as a pop artist or someone who is involved with whatever the music of the moment is.”

When asked why that was, Dynamite blamed the industry’s obsession with money over talent. “I think the music industry in this country is really controlled by money. It lets whatever is hot at the time dictate how artists are represented. The minute that someone like the Spice Girls were making money and made No 1 all these mainstream labels were trying to find the next Spice Girls, instead of looking for new original artists. Everybody tries to be like what’s already there and what’s making money.”

Dynamite aka Naomi McLean added that this opting for tried and tested talent is suppressing an abundance of UK talent. She said “I think there is a lack of people prepared to put time and effort into our artists, but not a lack of artists.”

Somebody should listen to this fine lady. She clearly knows what’s going on in the music industry these days and she’s not afraid to speak out her mind. Gosh, I love her so much more already. Request her and buy her single/LP, guys. She’ll not disappoint, that’s for sure.

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