War Of Words Between Mel B and Geri Halliwell

Geri Halliwell and Melanie B are set to embark on a war of words when their autobiographies hit the shops on the same day.

Both Mel B’s Catch A Fire and Geri’s Just For The Record are set for release on 2nd of September. Both books seemingly chart the end of the Spice Girls’ working relationship, and of Mel and Geri’s own friendship.

A literary industry insider said “This will be the biggest battle between Spices for years.”

“Mel is already pretty sure that Geri will sell more copies” added the insider “but she knows both books coming out the same week will bring tremendous interest and make people talk about the Spice Girls again.”

Just For The Record is the follow up to Geri’s bestseller If Only.

Mel B To Sing Her Way Into The US Of A First

Her acting career is taking flight but Mel B desperately wants to revive her ailing singing career and she has turned to one of the biggest stars to help her. Who you ask? Well, it’s the artist formerly known as Prince.

What’s more, she has planned further collaborations with the likes of R&B star Ja Rule and rapper Jay-Z too.

According to The Sun, she wants to break into the US market first with her next solo project.

“My music aim is to go to America. I’m going to start it off in America because I’ve had lots of offers and proposals from people who want to work with me out there. One of the people I can confirm I will be working with, which I am really excited about, is Prince.”

Good luck Mel B. Hope you do swell.

Melanie B Bags Drama Role

Mel B has secured herself her very first role in a TV drama series. Titled ‘Burn It’, it’ll be proudly brought to you from the producers of hit TV show, ‘Queer As Folk’.

The 10-part series, about a group of fast-living friends in Manchester, has just gone into production for BBC Choice and it’s said that it’ll be broadcast later this year.

A spokeswoman told the papers “Yes. She’s in it. People are thinking it’s going to be the Mel B show. There are six characters altogether.”

Also known as Scary Spice, Mel B will star together with Lisa Faulkner in the series. Playing the other 20-somethings will be Kieron O’Brien and Chris Coghill, who both appeared in ’24 Hour Party People’, Marsha Thomason from ‘Love In The 21st Century’, and William Ash, who appeared in ‘Clocking Off’ and ‘Playing The Field’.

Mel B Slams Geri Halliwell, Jimmy, Bosses, Plus Kylie Minogue As Well

Speaking to Capital Radio a couple of days back, Mel blasted ex-Spice Girl Geri, saying the only reason why George Michael is not friends with Geri is because of her bizarre eating habits. “She fell out with George Michael because of food ok. He filled his fridge with loads of stuff from this really posh place. She stayed at his house and got rid of all his food” ranted Mel. “He obviously went ballastic and they haven’t talked since.”

Mel then added “She doesn’t eat food. She merely looks at it. She just drinks water. And that’s it.”

It’s pretty understandable she dissing Geri, since they were in the same smash pop group, Spice Girls, but have since gone their separate ways with Geri heading out on her own first. But why Kylie as well?

Apparently, Mel has accused Kylie of indulging in expensive plastic surgery. “She’s very sexy now, isn’t she… A real good plastic surgeon. She’s had everything done” claimed Mel. “I would know ok. We were there together.”

And of course, she had to say something about her ex, Jimmy Gulzar, who has filmed a BBC documentary about life with Mel and to put a stop to questions about his sexuality. When their short-lived marriage ended, Jimmy walked away with a lavish house and over GBP750,000. “My ex-husband is basically living off me, isn’t he?” fumed Mel. “How very sad.”

In addition, Mel also took the opportunity to lash out at bosses at Virgin Records for spoiling her career and then went on to insist that she actually dropped the label company. She insisted “I dumped them because I want to do my music in America”.

Mel is currently presenting Top Of The Pops and does not have a record deal at the moment.