Geri Halliwell Makes Fun Of Contestant’s Weight And Disappoints

Once again, thousands of young pop hopefuls are preparing to lay their dignity on the line to appear under the TV microscope in yet another search for a bunch of new teen idols.

The other day the first 350 wannabes tried to convince the Popstars Rivals Panel, made up of Pete Waterman, Geri Halliwell and Westlife manager Louis Walsh, that they have what it takes to be the next teen sensation but, as the reports emerged one by one, the judges, in particular the former Spice Girl, have been painfully honest. However, this time round, the wannabes aren’t taking criticism lying down.

“The judges were honest but a bit too honest” said Yiannis Chrysanthou, 24, “Pete said to me that my voice wasn’t special enough and that I’d probably make a great living doing karaoke or working the clubs, which I actually already do. Then Geri said that I didn’t have the look they were going for. When I suggested that I was perhaps a little too individual, she said that’s what she meant. Louis Walsh, on the other hand, was more intrigued by my Greek origins and assumed I must be a George Michael fan.”However, Yiannis, who’s also hoping to land an audition for the BBC’s rival show ‘Fame Academy’, admits that what disappointed him most was Geri, who he’s adored ever since her days in the Spice Girls.

“You know, I absolutely love Geri” he confessed “I always have but meeting her today has really made me think twice about why I liked her in the first place. I mean, while she didn’t say anything too bad about me, she just didn’t come across as honest. She’s a great pop star but to tell you the truth, she’s not necessarily the best singer or the best looking girl. I wish she hadn’t decided to look for a carbon copy of what’s gone before.”

Meanwhile, Geri, who had promised earlier on that she was going to be honest yet compassionate, has been accused of making fun about a contestant’s weight. Carol Lynch, 19, who hails from Basildon, Essex, said “When I finished singing, Pete or Louis said I was a larger-than-life character. Then Geri had to say ‘yeah, very larger than life’ in a sarky way. I was all smiles and just walked out, but I couldn’t believe it.”

Carol said she refused to be disheartened by Geri’s words and that the rejection would not make her give up her quest for pop stardom.

Later, a Popstars spokesman insisted that the ‘Calling’ vocalistress was referring to Carol’s personality rather than her size when she described her as being “larger than life”. “Geri said nothing about Carol’s physical appearance”the spokesman said. “She commented that she had a larger than life personality and a huge show-stopping voice but didn’t allude to her physical appearance at all” he said.

Popstars: The Rivals will be shown over ITV1 sometime in September and will be presented by Davina McCall.

Geri Halliwell Still Hate Victoria Beckham

Reports still point out that the biggest stumbling block to a Spice Girls reunion is the hatred that Geri Halliwell have towards Victoria Beckham.

Geri, known as Ginger Spice when she was in the pop outfit, hates Mrs Beckham so much so that her assistant has to cut out all pictures of Victoria in newspapers and magazines before Geri sees them.

Meanwhile, in other news, Geri reportedly spent a recent flight to Los Angeles practicing her yoga positions in her underwear, after refusing the British Airways steward’s offer of free pajamas.

Geri Halliwell To Be Judge On Popstars 2

Previously part of the phenomena that was the Spice Girls, pop star Geri Halliwell will be a judge on the forthcoming series of ‘Popstars 2 – The Rivals’. It has also been reported that Geri’s ex, Chris Evans will also be a judge. The pair will be on rival teams picking two new bands to battle it out for a Christmas No 1.

Rumoured to be earning GBP150,000 each from the show, Chris and Geri may get their wages doubled, what with endorsements from the show and all.

An insider told the News of the World “It’ll make great TV because they’re sure to have it out with each other on screen. Geri has never forgiven Chris for dumping her.”

‘Popstars 2- The Rivals’ will start in September and the two teams of judges, including Pop Idol’s Pete Waterman, will each pick their top band.

Geri Halliwell And George Michael Are Friends Again

Remember all the stories and reports that spread across the papers when George Michael confirmed that he did fall out with Geri Halliwell since she’s one who likes to court the press and all?

Well, reports have now surfaced that suggest the two singers are friends again.

Apparently, Geri has been spotted staying at George’s pad in LA where she is completing the second volume of her autobiography.

Also, it seems that a source close to the both of them revealed to the papers that we can expect two new tracks on Geri’s next studio album from George which is due out early next year.

Ginger Spice To Spy Spice

Geri Halliwell is scheduling to play a secret agent in a film about life in Britain’s secret service. The ex-Spice Girl will play the lead in ‘Semper Occultus’, named after MI6’s motto, “Always Secret”.

“There’s quite a buzz about this project and Geri is the person the producers want as the lead.” This, is in accordance to what Geri’s friend said to the press.

Ex-Bros singer-turned-actor Luke Goss and Nick Moran were cited as possible villains while ex-Bond men Sean Connery and Roger Moore have been approached to act as the head of MI6.

It’s said that Geri apparently lost out to Oscar-winner, Halle Berry, when she auditioned to play a Bond girl in ‘Die Another Day’.

Geri’s In Love

Like her best friend, Robbie Williams, Geri has been seeking refuge in sunny Los Angeles and appears to have found love all at the same time.

If you’ve picked up the tabloids recently, you’re bound to see intimate photographs of Geri and her new boyfriend, Damian Warner who has been described as “some poor little moneyed kid from L.A.”. They’ve been spotted countless time snogging and clowning around together.

Friends of Geri say she is “head over heels in love with him” even though his multimillionaire parents object to the relationship.

The ex-Spice Girl and her fellow, who met as patients at the Arizona Cottonswood de Tuscan rehabilitation clinic where Geri was trying to beat her bulimia problem, angered staff at the clinic with their closeness, described by some as “pretty tasteless and trashy”.

Bosses ordered Damian to leave when they started to upset the other patients and Geri was said to be “outraged.”

Geri Halliwell’s Fighting Bulimia

Geri Halliwell is battling the slimmer’s disease bulimia. The former Spice Girl checked into a rehab clinic last week in Arizona in the US to keep her condition in check.

A friend of Geri’s told all that her condition recurs every few months. It can be sparked by all manner of issues and usually results in binge eating. The problem never develops any further because Geri is so aware of the warning signs and always acts quickly to sort herself out again.

Geri checked out of the clinic after a brief stay because she didn’t agree with the clinic’s cafeteria regime which offered a wide array of foods. The star also had her four suitcases of designer clothes confiscated and had to share a spartan room with two other women.

In her autobiography, If Only, Geri spoke openly of her illness. “I’d binge my way into the new year,” she wrote. “I cleaned out the cupboards and the fridge and the contents were flushed down the toilet via my stomach. Then I went to the supermarket.”