KarmaDownload.com, A Haven For Music Fans And Bono

KarmaDownload.com is a haven for fans of independent music of every genre to legally download tracks by their favourite artists. Fully endorsed by AIM (Association Of Independent Music), KarmaDownload.com present an alternative to the big guns, and level the playing field for the independents from around the world.

Prices are 99p per track/80p for multiple track purchases of 4 or more.

Albums from GBP6.00. All downloads are in MP3 format and can be used with all MP3 compatible media players and portable devices.

The site caters for real music fans who want to support their favourite independent labels and their artists. Apparently, Bono of U2 gives KarmaDownload.com the thumbs up.He said “I love KarmaDownload.com and you should. Download original quality music from first class acts.”

Jamie Estrin, managing director of Karma Music Group said “The vision for KarmaDownload.com is to be more than just a shop. We wanted to present a destination point where music fans can discover and buy into the latest acts within their favourite music scene, from grass roots through to signed acts.”

“We have access to over 3,000 Independent labels and thousands of new artists across the world. In addition, we have already built a catalogue of over 500 quality unsigned artists, which will be constantly expanded and updated.’

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