Enrique’s Lonely

Enrique Iglesias has admitted he is lonely and wishes the rumours about his love affair with Anna Kournikova were true.

He adds that he isn’t angry about the false stories claiming he was dating the Russian tennis star.

“There is no particular type of girl that I go for. However, I will say that I like independent and intelligent women” he told Croatian magazine, Gloria.

“There is always time for love. Any artist who says they can’t find time for romance is talking nonsense. Remember that ok. That’s crap. But there are times when I feel lonely, particularly when I find myself alone in a hotel room after a concert.”

“But it is far worse when you are surrounded by people who do not know you, or do not even like you, who you know are only there because you are famous. It doesn’t do you any good if they just pander to you all the time. You need real friends who will be honest with you.”

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