Bombay Dreams Single And Album Out Soon

If you don’t already know, Andrew Lloyd Webber is about to have a brand new musical out real soon and it’s real unique since it’s pretty much Bollywood inspired. I mean with a title like ‘Bombay Dreams’, it’s pretty much a given.

Shakalaka Baby, sung by 21-year-old, Preeya Kalidas, who also leads the cast of the musical, will be the first single from Andrew Lloyd Webber’s ‘Bombay Dreams’, written by the hugely successful Indian composer A.R. Rahman. The single has just been added to even.

Both the single and the ‘Bombay Dreams’ album will be released on the 17th of June, just 2 days before the musical’s opening night on the 19th of June.

Andrew Lloyd Webber has been predicting for some years that Indian musical culture would have an enormous impact in Britain and this has been borne out by Oasis’s recent, Indian-influenced number one single, the rise in audiences for Bollywood films and the success of the soundtrack to Monsoon Wedding in the classical charts.

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