To Love Her Is To LovHer

To know her is to LovHer…

That’s the motto of LovHer, a fresh female R&B quartet created, named and produced by hip-hop star Sisqo. Hoping to give Destiny’s Child a run for their money, LovHer, made up of Kenji, 25, Serenade, 22, Chinky, 22 and Buttah, 21 are already getting loads of airplay on the radio with their hot single ‘How It’s Going To Be’ from their forthcoming self-titled album that drops on the 16th of July.

All 4 girls have been together for three years and are from different parts of the States, namely Milwaukee, Baltimore and Los Angeles. They’ve assured critics that they may very well hail from different parts of America but it certainly does not mean they all don’t share a common goal. It also does not mean that they’re going to split up in record time. Think SWV, Xscape, En Vogue and more.

Sisqo first introduced them to the music world on a cut entitled ‘Is Love Enough’, which’s taken off his multi-platinum debut LP ‘Unleash The Dragon’. That was their very first taste of being artistes and immediately after that, they were busy clocking in plenty of studio time that lasted 3 years.

3 years? That’s a tad too long, isn’t it? Well, not according to the girls. They feel that by having taken 3 years before they finally put out their debut LP, a maturation process was pretty much a necessity in order to help the quartet understand each other both musically and personally.LovHer’s virgin single, ‘How It’s Going To Be’ is basically all about a girl dating a hustler and she knows it isn’t right but she’s willing to stand by her man. Other numbers that can be found on their album would surely include ‘Do You Know Me’, a song that points the finger at those who act brand new and want to tell the whole universe that they’re doing well. On ‘Don’t Leave’, apparently they beg their man not to go but to stay and work things out. Another LovHer number would be the confrontational ‘Your Man’ that’ll essentially see you tuned in to a woman-to-woman conversation about a no-good man.

All in all, I find that these girls can sing, possess good looks and what’s even better for them is that there aren’t any female R&B bands around currently, now that Destiny’s Child’s taken a hiatus and are concentrating on their own solo projects. Nowadays, it just seems like to be extremely successful in the music industry, all they’ve to do really is to merely stay away from writing predictable songs and just pass the girl-group living-expectancy time frame.

Anyway, you can go visit the LovHer ladies at their official homepage, conveniently located at:

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