Jamiroquai Intends To Own A Cannabis Cafe

Jamiroquai’s flamboyant lead vocalist, Jay Kay has declared that cannabis ought to be permissible. He has once rolled a massive joint, up on stage in Glasgow, tempting the crowd to share it with him.

Now in a bid to take his fondness for the drug a step further, Jay Kay has every intention of running his very own cannabis cafe to be located in the West End of London. Apparently it has been said that he’s willing to splurge out more than GBP1 million to get his Amsterdam-style project kicking.

A source close to the star said “Jay sees it as a cooler and more laid-back version of the Groucho Club. He’s meant to be a silent partner but it’s going to be hard to stop him from having a hands-on role in the business. He’s determined to get this project off the ground. He’s always said that alcohol is more dangerous than marijuana and if people can buy drink, why can’t they buy that? We know that in Holland it’s fine to sell small amounts of dope in coffee shops but at the moment in UK, our laws don’t allow it, so we’re going to see how it goes with the officials and all and hopefully it’ll be smooth.”In other news, Jamiroquai’s keyboardist Toby Smith has quit the band to spend more time with his family. His exit from the group is all-peaceful and upcoming projects have not been ruled out.

“It is sad to see him go but I totally understand the commitment Toby feels for his family and the strains of being away from home for long periods. I wish him all the best” said Jay.

The band’s summer live shows are unaffected by Toby’s departure.

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