The Gallagher Boys And Girls

Liam Gallagher is sueing the People newspaper for reporting that he was unfaithful to his pop paramour Nicole Appleton with an Italian Oasis fan. The paper’s headline read ‘Cheat Liam beds Nicole lookalike!’ But Liam’s spokesman insisted “He’s maintaining he did not sleep with the girl in question and he’s never been unfaithful to Nicole.”

Meanwhile, Noel is having his own love woes, according to the press. He’s been playing ‘Wonderwall’ in concert again, and it’s claimed he wants to get back together with his ex wife, Meg.

Mr Anonymous Source told the paper “Noel has been ringing Meg. He really wants to get back with her and that’s the real reason for his split with Sara.”

Meg, who is believed to have landed a juicy GBP4 million in the divorce settlement, has so far kept mum.

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