Sum 41’s Dave Baksh Likes Lovely Mandy Moore A Lot

Sum 41’s guitarist Dave Baksh gave a run-down of several women on a 1 to 10 scale.

On Britney Spears, he commented “Great ass” but she only chalked up a respectable 6 scores.

Kelly Osbourne rated an 8, although no reason was given why.

On fellow Canadian, Avril Lavigne, he said “I am afraid to rate her because the authorities may come after me”.

As for Shakira, he gave her a 6 and said “I’m not impressed by her, but I like her caveman gear in that video, ‘Whenever, Wherever'”.

And finally, clocking up the most marks is the lovely Mandy Moore who scored 9 marks. Dave said “She’s very very very gorgeous, striking and elegant, although she’s a tiny wee bit wholesome”.

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