B2K’s Sisters, TG4 Encourage Girls To Be Virgins

Members of the girl group TG4 are breaking new ground with their single ‘Virginity’. It encourages young girls to wait to have sex.

The quartet, comprising of Ambee, Keisha, Ashley and Davida, is the sister group to B2K. TG4 is on tour with B2K, Bow Wow and IMX.

The music video to ‘Virginity’ has already premiered on MTV, and there’s some concern that its message will be seen as out of step with the normal “Do It!” lyrics of other popular music aimed at young people.

TG4’s Davida admits that the group was concerned about how their peers would react to a song telling them to wait to have sex.

Davida says a lot of teenage girls would rather wait but feel pressured to be sexually active. She says the group decided to address the issue.

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