Sparks Between Alicia Keys & Justin Timberlake?

Alicia Keys and Justin Timberlake. Are they really an item? Now, it has been reported and seen by onlookers that both Alicia and Justin may have something going on.

N’Sync’s Justin has been spotted enjoying a cosy meal with the Grammy award-winning vocalist Alicia Keys.

The pair met for lunch at a restaurant on LA’s Sunset Boulevard and they even kissed and cuddled as they left, according to tabloids.

Sources say the couple were “laughing and giggling” during lunch and the two were later seen kissing on Sunset Boulevard before Alicia was driven back to her hotel by Justin’s people.

A spokesman for N’Sync said “Justin and Alicia are just friends working in the same business.”

In other news, Alicia has shrugged off the lesbian rumours and has revealed that she had a secret boyfriend. “I’m certainly not gay. I’m seeing a man. He’s a person I’ve known for a long time. It’s all cool.”

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