Ronan Lashes Out At Celebrities Who Treat Others Like Dirt

Ronan Keating has lashed-out at the sensations who surround themselves with massive entourages.

Speaking recently, the wee Irish pop star admitted that, throughout his career, he’s seen some stars treat people with very little respect and, as a result, he’s learnt a valuable lesson about dealing with people.

“When I hosted the MTV Awards a few years ago, all these stars all came along with their entourages and came in and treated the crew and their staff like dirt,” Ronan remembered, explaining, “It really opened my eyes. I don’t surround myself with people who treat me like a star. It’s unhealthy. I’ve been with the same people for nine years. They know who I am. I don’t have an entourage, which just goes to your head. I’m not interested.”

In the meantime, Ronan Keating has also revealed that the minute he quit Boyzone, he thought he’d lost all of his fans.

The crooner said “It was overnight from boyband to solo artist. The hysteria disappeared overnight. I’m not joking you, it suddenly went from being met in Bangkok or say in India by 10,000 screaming girls, to just two or three people. The funny thing is, now I sell more records now than I ever did, which is weird. People my age buy my records which didn’t really happen when I was in Boyzone. It was younger girls or older women. Now guys come up to me in the street and say ‘Hi, how’s it going. Love the record.’ Parents come up to me and shake my hand. There’s a younger audience and an older audience. Thank God, I’ve got an across-the-board fanbase.”

Ronan, whose ‘If Tomorrow Never Comes’ single managed to touch the desirable No. 1 slot, released his ‘Destination’ album on May 20th.

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