Ronan Keating Pities Britney And Reveals He Was A Bad Singer

Associated Press reports Ronan Keating has compassion for Britney Spears, who he sees as a victim of the media.

“I never liked being famous” he explained. “People are making downright chivvies on Popstars or Pop Idol. And, right now, it’s Britney Spears’s turn.”

“What can I say? I’m really sorry for her.”

Now that he’s reduced his own public profile from his Boyzone days, Ronan says “I’m actually pretty happy about it.”

He acknowledged that as a student, he got kicked out of the school’s choir. “I do admit it. I was a very bad singer, and probably didn’t hit any note right.”

On the question to if he ever met his music teacher again, he answered “No, but I’m sure he’s cracking up when he thinks about how my performance were back then.”

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