Rhianna Thinks S Club Juniors Will Become Brats

Rhianna Kenny, who has been described by some to be another Kylie Minogue, recently revealed that she thinks S Club Juniors will become spoilt brats once they are much older, when she was asked by the press if she thought it was important to start out young in the music industry.

She said “It isn’t important at all. You can start off anytime. Too young and it isn’t good. I see the S Club Juniors and I think they’re going to be right brats by the time they’re 17 or something. And you’ve got to be really strong to be in this kind of environment. It can break you this industry.”Meanwhile, Rhianna, who releases her awesome sounding ‘I Love Every Little Thing About You’ on the 10th of Februaury, said that she was really glad that she learnt how the business and the whole music industry worked by constantly hanging around with her brother and his band, LSK. “When I was fifteen, I’d go on tour with them when I was still at school. I learnt how it was like in this business. I am glad to have watched what my brother did and all that.”

“And I know my brother’s really proud. It’s one of those things, your parents or siblings won’t tell you they’re proud, but then they’ll go and tell all and sing your praises to their friends. In a way it’s really good because they don’t blow my ego.”

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