Oasis Song To Help Sell Knickers

They once vowed never to sell out to telly ads but now Oasis have done a U-turn and agreed that one of their songs can be used to flog women’s underwear in the States.

The track ‘Hung In A Bad Place’ will feature in a massive ad campaign for the saucy Victoria’s Secret range in New York.

Oasis, who guard the copyright to their songs carefully, are usually fussy about using their music in adverts or cover versions but they have given the green light to allow the song, written by guitarist Gem Archer, to be used to sell bras and knickers.

A pal of the band said “Oasis have seen what ads have done for other bands in the States and so when this offer came up they took it. They haven’t made their mark in the US as they have done in the UK and Europe so maybe this is their way in.”

In June the band’s lawyers ordered the Army to remove ‘Wonderwall’ and ‘Hello’ from a recruitment video or face legal action. Both songs were used without permission from songwriter Noel Gallagher and the Army recalled 300 videos and scrubbed the tracks off.

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