Enrique The Diva Mimes At A Concert

Promoters say Enrique Iglesias mimed at a concert at a ski resort, seemingly because of the thin air.

The 15,000-strong crowd at the show in Austria booed him after turning up an hour late. Why exactly was he late? The reason given was because Enrique really needed his beauty sleep and so stayed in a bit longer.

The show, in which the ‘Escape’ singer was to perform, was to mark the end of the skiing season in Ischgl.

Onlookers said that practically all present at the event started booing when Enrique tried to speak after singing and fans realised his microphone wasn’t working.

Ischgl marketing manager Birgit Bader confirmed Enrique had been using playback for at least part of the performance.

She said: “It’s not surprising that he was using playback, our resort is at a very high altitude and it’s hard for people who are not used to it to get their breath. We are at 2,300 metres and the air is pretty thin up here.”

She also confirmed Enrique had been late for the concert because he wanted to take his time getting up.

She said “He likes having beauty sleeps and just didn’t seem to want to get out of bed in the morning. That’s why he was 30 minutes late for the press

conference. And after that he wanted to take his time over breakfast and have a shower again. That’s why he was an hour late for the concert.”

Ok – one question? What’s the word for the male equivalent of a diva, again? I know there’s a word for it but it just seems to be lost on me right this instance.

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