Britney & Justin – Are they? Aren’t they?

Monday saw several rumours spreading across web portals, newspapers and radio shows concerning the relationship of Britney Spears & Justin Timberlake.

Sure, we care about them both – but do we really need to have the all the hype surrounding their state of affairs? Monday’s stories began when a “source” that was close to the couple leaked a rumour that the pair had split up a week ago. Britney’s record company helped to fan the flames by refusing to make any comments, leaving fans speculating about the truth.The afternoon draws on, and the gossip flies from mouth to mouth as if it were Britney’s latest product flying off the shelves. Finally, Britney ends up on MTV Italy to denounce that the rumours were simply not true, and that she and Justin are still together.

A good publicity stunt, or was there more to this story than we know? Let us know your thoughts!

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