Avril Lavigne A Victim Of Online Poser

Avril Lavigne has gotten a quick lesson in the world of pop star posers as a pop up message upon entering the singer’s official site reads “I just want all of you guys to know that some idiot out there is posing as me and sending emails to various message boards, dissing my fans and just being a jerk in general.”

“One of the email addresses he/she is using is emailavril@aol.com but he/she keeps changing them. First of all I don’t have an AOL account and I would never put my name in my email address. And most importantly, I love all my fans. I would never take them for granted or say anything bad about them.”

“Please just ignore this pathetic person out there who has nothing else better to do than sit at home by him/herself and pretend he/she is me… obsessed!”

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