You Never Met A Couple Quite Like These Two

Pamela Anderson’s tempestuous romance with rapper Kid Rock has hit the skids. The former Baywatch beauty broke off their engagement following a brutal two-day fight.

The unlucky-in-love blonde is telling friends that Kid Rock left her no choice after he publicly humiliated her.

But now the pair are talking in a desperate bid to patch up the rocky relationship, friends say.

The breaking point for the busty ‘VIP’ star came when the music bad boy, who had been on a drinking binge, got nasty and called her a bad mother in front of a roomful of celebrity friends, sources say.

“Pam is devastated. She thought she had finally met the man of her dreams, but now she fears he could turn out to be a nightmare” said a friend.The feuding began late May or early June when Kid Rock, whose real name is Bob Ritchie, began verbally browbeating his lover of more than a year. “Bob was on a real tear. They were hanging out at her Malibu home and he was going off on her about how she couldn’t do anything right. He even told her to her face she was ‘a joke in Hollywood'” said a friend.

Kid Rock crossed the line when, according to a source, he blurted out that maybe he should testify for her ex, Tommy Lee, 39, in his bitter custody battle with Pam for sons Brandon, 6 and Dylan, 4.

“That cut her deeply where it hurts most, with her kids” says a friend. “Pam tried to walk away, but he grabbed her arm and spun her around. It was terrible to watch someone treat a woman like that.”

With tears in her eyes, she told him it was over and left, say pals.

Think they get back together? Poor Pamela. Anyway, in the meantime, the sex bomb can be seen in Kid Rock’s new video ‘You Never Met A Motherf**ker Quite Like Me’, out in US of A.

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