Westlife Spends Million Pounds To Be Thin And Posh

You’ve probably already heard this but in case you haven’t, Westlife have decided that they need to pay out GBP1 million in order to revamp their image so that they can crack the American market. You know what’s interesting, Westlife did swear that they would never return to the US again after they failed to make an impression last year. Wonder what inspired them to give it another shot?

Anyway, as previously reported on Pop-Music.com a while back, we all know that they’ve been putting on weight and in order to win the hearts of the Americans, they’ve got to be thin so I reckon part of that GBP1 million goes to the slimming pills and diets and what not.

They’re also having posh makeovers as well so a chunk of that million pounds would go there. Apparently, their looks and image have to undergo a massive change so as to appeal to the music fans Stateside, complete with new hairstyles and designer duds.

So what happens to the rest of the money? See, they have to make high-class music videos as well so they’ve hired video maestro, AttiI J, to reshoot their ‘World Of Our Own’ video.

A source told The Daily Star “Westlife know how much effort needs to be taken into cracking America and they’re psyched up for it.”

Their new American manager Robert Livingston is confident that they will be a hit in America and has booked them to appear on top rated US chat shows like ‘The Late Show With David Letterman’, my favourite ‘The Tonight Show With Jay Leno’ and ‘Entertainment Tonight.’

Think they’ll make it? I’ve my doubts.

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