Westlife Like Pop band, Fifth Avenue

Irish pop group, Fifth Avenue, which went gold in Ireland with their version of Dan Hills ‘Sometimes When We Touch’, has also just gone gold in Sweden. The group has been busy recording their up and coming album which is due for release in Ireland in the spring.

“We are really looking forward to performing back in Ireland,” band member Danny Cummins tells the press. “We are coming back with a bang and I know everyone will really like our new songs.”

Meanwhile, the band and their management look set to set England and the rest of Europe on fire with their ‘Sometimes When We Touch’ single. All this real soon they say.

Also, Fifth Avenue have found fans in the likes of Westlife. All the boys are head over heels in love with the band so much so that they have been telling fans to embrace Fifth Avenue. And just for the record, apparently, Shane and Bryan are the biggest fans.

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