Watch Weirdos, Chloe Of Clea, Matt Johnson Of OTV Get The X Factor

British music mogul Simon Cowell is overwhelmed by the amount of “weirdos” auditioning on his new TV show The X Factor.

The infamous Pop Idol and American Idol star of a judge has joined forces with Ozzy Osbourne’s wife, the lovely Ms Sharon Osbourne and Louis Walsh to guide wannabe singers of all ages and backgrounds into stardom.

Simon Cowell explains, “On Pop Idol we used to get 15,000 turning up for the auditions. Now we’re getting 50,000. On Pop Idol the weirdest people would register at about 6.7 on the ‘weirdometer’. Here people are registering 9.9 on the scale.”

“I had to tell one guy that he should be a drag queen. When I gave him the option to come back and audition again as Julie Andrews, he threatened to get his lawyers in.”Insiders say that Matt Johnson, formerly of now defunct One True Voice is in it. Also in is Chloe who recently left Clea to join R&B girlband Fierce and apparently now she auditioned for the show too. So didn’t the Fierce thing work out? Talk about a confused girl. Keep a lookout for those two anyway.

The X Factor premiered on googleboxes everywhere in the UK come September 4.

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