Wads Of Wonga For Westlife

How is this for a wedge load of wonga? According to the tabs, the already wonderful world of Westlife is about to get a whole lot better for Kian, Shane, Mark, Nicky and Bryan with the news that they will earn GBP2 million EACH from their latest tour.

The fellas are being paid GBP14,000 for each of their 68 ‘World Of Our Own’ 2002 concerts. They will also collect GBP800,000 from merchandising and GBP300,000 from their deal with sportswear manufacturers Adidas.

Kian told the News Of the World: “It’s great being in this position but it could all end tomorrow so we’ve invested a lot of our money. Obviously we’ve bought cars and clothes but the majority is stashed away.” Not under the bed we hope!

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