Underneath Shakira’s Clothes

Causing quite a bit of a stir in Argentina, exotic pop queen Shakira Mebarak, 24, has had all copies of her English album ‘Laundry Service’ pulled from the Tower Records shops across the country. And why is that so you ask?

Well, see, the harsh move is in the disapproval of the featuring of the son of Argentina’s shamed president (Fernando de la Rua) in Shakira’s music video for her second English number entitled ‘Underneath Your Clothes’, the follow-up to her smash hit single ‘Whenever, Wherever’.

Antonio de la Rua is the blonde bombshell’s romantic partner who for a time played the role of advisor to his father. Currently, Antonio’s father is facing an investigation into the shooting of five protesters outside his residence as his term in office drew to a close last year.Sounding somewhat like Jewel on the ‘Underneath Your Clothes’ single, it is climbing Billboard charts and seems like it’s heavily requested everywhere. Cynics say that all the controversy surrounding the music video is just a mere publicity stunt.

Anyway, for all things Shakira, check out her official website at www.shakira.com, and on our Shakira section at shakira.pop-music.com.

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