The People Who Are Working On The New Destiny’s Child Album

Looks like the new Destiny’s Child album is coming out real soon. The following are who they’re working with.

So far, Destiny’s Child have logged studio time with Rockwilder and are talking with Kanye West and Rich Harrison whose work credits include Alicia Keys and Mary J. Blige and who produced songs for both Kelly Rowland and Beyonce’s solo albums, including the latter’s Crazy in Love.

The group is also excited to discover and expose some lesser-known producers.

“I remember when we worked with She’kspere and he didn’t really work with anybody before and we came out with Bills, Bills, Bills and people were excited about that,” Kelly Rowland said, speaking to MTV.”

“Survivor, produced by Anthony Dent was the same thing. We want to deliver the same kind of ingredients, but just a little bit more mature. The album’s going to be fab.”

Sounds good girls. Keep it up.

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