Talvin Singh Joins Richard Ashcroft On Follow-Up Album

A preferred singer of mine, Richard Ashcroft has revealed that he’s teaming with Mercury Music Prize winning vocalist, Talvin Singh, on the follow-up to his debut solo album, ‘Alone With Everybody’.

“The record is going really well, actually” Richard said. “I mean, there has been a lot of good people helping me, and it’s just the best record I can possibly make at the moment. That’s all I can perhaps say. I’ve got Talvin Singh playing tablas, so it really can’t get much better than that.”

He also divulged that the fresh material on his new album has been heavily influenced by the likes of The Byrds, Van Morrison and Brian Wilson. “I have had a big old-school vibe. I have recently enjoyed the lost-70s nuggets… that period where the 60s had kind of happened, and there was a comedown, but they were still striving to make this spiritual-sounding music, so it was quite twisted.”

Richard is due to debut some of these latest tracks when he links up with Oasis as a special guest at their Lancashire County Cricket Club show in Manchester on the 14th of September.

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