Robbie Williams and Drew Barrymore?

Are Robbie Williams and Drew Barrymore an item? Apparently, the pair met at an Alcoholics Anonymous meeting in Los Angeles.

A source close to Robbie Williams claim that while at the meeting, Robbie was talking about his struggles and it really touched Drew. “She saw what a sensitive, warm person he really is actually.”

Both Drew and Robbie have had well-publicized battles with alcohol and drugs and have been unlucky in love.Since then, realising how much they both have in common and speaking to each other for hours, the couple have been spotted having coffee and in several L.A nightclubs.

In other news, Robbie’s been telling anyone who will listen that he wants to become a priest. Telling an observer, “I’m training to become a priest so I can minister to people. I’m giving up this pop lifestyle.” Reverend Robbie Williams? Somehow, I don’t see that happening.

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