Robbie Upset With Guy Writing Songs For Will

Robbie Williams, who’s presently away in Los Angeles, is mad that his songwriter and best lad, Guy Chambers, is penning tracks for ‘Pop Idol’ victor Will Young.

Taking a year off from music in Los Angeles, insecure Robbie is pretty much bothered that his fan base will switch and start idolising Will Young through the experienced guidance of Guy Chambers.

Guy who co-wrote many of Robbie’s smash hits and plays the keyboards in Robbie’s band, has often been described as a workaholic. He is not satisfied to just sit back while Robbie recuperates in Los Angeles. He has already penned songs for former All Saints member, Shaznay Lewis, and is now working on new material for the ‘Evergreen/Anything Is Possible’ sensation.Sources say Robbie is furious and panicking “Robbie is putting on a brave face but he is concerned he may find it difficult when he returns next year if Guy and Will have formed a strong tie. He’s very insecure like that and is not happy that Guy is a free agent and the fact that Guy wants to work while Robbie’s away.”

Robbie, as reported earlier on, is attending Alcohol Anonymous meetings every day in L.A to stay sober.

In other Robbie-related affairs, Robbie Williams will stay at EMI after news broke out last week that the record company has slashed 1,800 staff and artists as part of a wide-ranging strategy to cut costs.

Selling so far sold five million copies of his big band album ‘Swing When Your Winning’ worldwide, the ‘Rock DJ’ star has reportedly been offered GBP40 million to stay with EMI.

He’s still in discussions with bosses at the record label but it looks like he’ll sign up to do another 5 albums, according to what an EMI executive said.

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