P Diddy Speaks Out About Increased Child Support Payments

P Diddy has hit out at his ex-lover’s demand for increased child support branding it “ridiculous”.

The rap mogul is required by court order to pay $35,000 a month to Mysa Hylton-Brim, the mother of his first son Justin, 10, but he’s disgusted by the new demands.

He told the Associated Press, “It’s ridiculous to think any of my kids would want for anything.”

He added of Mysa Hylton-Brim, “We’ve had a great relationship, and then all of the sudden I got hit with a lawsuit for more money.”Last month, a magistrate ordered the flamboyant hip hop mogul to increase his child support from a reported $5,000 per month to $35,000. That’s the same amount he pays to model girlfriend Kim Porter, the mother of his second child, Christian.

P Diddy said, “My son goes to the best schools, he has full-time tutors. I wouldn’t know what else to do to give my son.” He is appealing the ruling and claims Mysa is only seeking more money because she’s in the process of getting a divorce from her husband, with whom she has other children.

He blasted, “It’s not about child support, it’s about adult support. I love the mother of my first child. I would never want to do anything to hurt her, but I have to defend the kind of father that I am. The fact is that the mother of my first child gets more money than the mother of my second child. I’m always going to respect her for being the mother of my child, but at the same time, that don’t mean she has to be right.”

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