Oxide & Neutrio Praise Blazin’ Squad

Oxide and Neutrino have praised UK teenage hip hop act Blazin’ Squad and single. Blazin’s song is a cover of the Bone Thugs-N-Harmony classic, the first track called ‘Crossroads’ off their upcoming LP which they hope to release early next year.

Speaking exclusively to a webzine, Oxide and Neutrino said the single was a killer track. “I think they’re cool man. They remind us of what we were like in the beginning. They’ve started really young and come out with a killer track.”

“There have been so many other crews out there trying to do their thing. And Blazin’ Squad have come with their own thing and they’re only about 16. They’ve got it man” Neutrino said.Oxide and Neutrino, both 20 years of age, also believe that young bands should keep coming through and the urban scene is definitely on the up.rnrnOxide said “I think it’s a good thing bands are getting younger and younger because that’s like talent you see what I’m saying. A lot of the stuff that is coming through, you’ve got to be talented to get there.”

“If you look at the charts five years ago it was all manufactured stuff. But now it’s all starting to break through, like the urban thing and people from the streets.”rnrnOxide and Neutrino are set to release an amazing new single of their own featuring So Solid Crew member Kowdean on the 9th of September.rnrnThe track, ‘Dem Girlz (I Don’t Know Why)’, which features a sample from an early Jay-Z song, is the first to be taken from their forthcoming album ‘2 Stepz Ahead’.

Oxide and Neutrino are also preparing for a UK tour in October.

“Yeah we’re hoping to tour the UK this year in October some time. We’ll be playing tracks off the new album. After the last tour was cancelled it will be good to get up there with fresh new material as well. It will be exciting” Neutrino added. ‘2 Stepz Ahead’ will hit UK record stores on the 23rd of September so do grab it.

Visit them at the official webpage http://www.oxideandneutrino.net

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