Nelly Furtado And Her Fabulous Style

Nelly Furtado, who can sing in Hindi, Portugese and of course in English, needs only to flash her penetrating eyes at the camera and she’s instantly glamorous. Nelly’s current style is casual chic.

The singer traces her fashion stance back to her hip-hop teenage years. “Everyone would make their own clothes or make their own hats” Nelly explained, speaking to a reporter in a magazine article due out in October 2002, about her high school days. “I’m so thankful for my creative upbringing, and how creative my friends were”.

But Nelly is a self-professed chameleon, and she’ll ride the wave of self-expression wherever it takes her! “I want my fans to be used to change, because it’s such an important element to life” she reveals. “You can’t just cling on to something because it’s familiar”.

And finally, here’s a little something for you to tell and impress your friends. Nelly exclusively revealed that before she was famous, she and her friends once dressed as TLC for Halloween! How cute!

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