Naomi Campbell Stood Westlife, The Sword-fighting Heroes Up

Naomi Campbell recently stood the boys of Westlife up and obviously they’re not exactly thrilled about it.

Last week the boyband were all ready and waiting to film their new video for their next single, entitled ‘Bop Bop Baby’, in which Naomi was to star in but at the very last minute the high-profile supermodel blew the boys out saying she’d changed her mind. Naomi’s representatives quoted a conflict of schedules.

Costing Westlife GBP15,000 since they missed a whole day of shoots trying to find a replacement who in the very end, turned out to come in the form of the Rolling Stone’s guitarist Ronnie Wood’s daughter Leah, the boys are said to play swashbuckling heroes for their latest video.

The video sees Nicky Byrne, Bryan McFadden, Mark Feehily, Kian Egan and Shane Filan leaping into action. For instance, you’d get to see them riding horses and fighting with swords against bad guy Vinnie Jones (Snatch), and save a damsel in distress.Mark who spots a goatee in the video told the the press “It was a real swashbuckling adventure. We all wanted to be heroes but we didn’t want just one guy to get the girl in the end so we all go after her. We love dressing up but to be honest we just wanted to get swords to play with.”

Vinnie Jones said he had fun on the set but can’t seem to avoid being typecast. “I’m having a laugh but as usual I get to play the baddie – what a surprise.”

The Irish boyband are hoping their new number which will be out on the 20th of May, will be their 11th No. 1 smashhit.

Meanwhile, Westlife’s Shane Filan is looking for a lovenest in County Sligo, Eire, and has told pals his girlfriend, band mate Kian Egan’s cousin, Gillian Walsh, will be moving in with him.

A chum said “Now that she has nearly finished her A-levels Gillian is ready to move out of home and he’s really keen to get somewhere with the relationship he has going with the young lady. Shane’s mum and dad love Gillian and so it’s all go really.”

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