Mis-Teeq Misunderstood

The Mis-Teeq girls have told a webzine that there is absolutely no truth in the rumour that they are planning a triple wedding. It’s said that apparently the buzz was started somewhere in April by a tabloid newspaper that claimed the trio were set to marry their fiances at one big ceremony later next year.

Su Elise stated that the rumour had been blown out of all proportions by the media. “There’s a lot of different versions of this story going around at the moment” she explained. “We are all engaged but none of us are making wedding plans and we never have been. That’s just something that’s been blown up by the media and a rumour that’s going around at the moment.”

Sabrina added that the silly gossip was nonsense since she couldn’t imagine what kind of church would be able to fit in all of the girls’ families. “We’ve all got very large families so I’d like to know what kind of cathedral is going to fit all three Mis-Teeq girls in their huge dresses, with their partners and their folks. I really, really don’t think so.’

Anyway, Mis-Teeq would be releasing their next record, the double A side ‘Roll On / This Is How We Do It’, come the 17th of June.

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