Mario Loves ‘Deliver Us From Eva’

Last week, Mario caught the new flick, ‘Deliver Us From Eva’ which stars LL Cool J, Essence Atkins and Gabrielle Union.

“It’s very funny and cool. ‘Deliver Us From Eva’ is one of this year’s must watch shows. LL Cool J, Gabrielle, Meagan, Essence were all good.”

So what’s the movie about? It’s the story of three young African-American men who pay a “ladies man” played by LL Cool J $5,000 to romance their perfectionist sister-in-law played by the beautiful Gabrielle Union just so they can live their lives free of her constant meddling. The series of events that happen next surprises the men.

Meanwhile, Jami Bernard of the New York Daily News reviewed ‘Deliver Us From Eva’, giving film 2.5 stars.

Jami writes “LL Cool J attains heartthrob status in ‘Deliver Us From Eva’, which is a delightful addition to the nascent Buppie-comedy genre.”

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