Kelly Clarkson Admits She’s Never Been In Love

It might seem super hard to believe it, but pretty pop princess Kelly Clarkson has admitted that she’s never been in love. The 25 year-old Idol winner spills all in this month’s issue of Elle Magazine in the US, where she is featured on the cover. She said “I know people probably think I’ve been heartbroken, because of the stuff I’ve sung and written. I love my friends and family. But I have never said the words ‘I love you’ to anyone in a romantic relationship. Ever. I am very old-school, conservative in my thinking when it comes to relationships. Love is something you work at. It doesn’t come easily. There are going to be bad days. You are going to have to work at loving someone when they are being an idiot. People think they’re just going to meet the perfect guy. Don’t be ridiculous.”

Poor old Kelly has been going through a rough time recently. There’s been a run in with Clive Davis over her upcoming CD, “My December”, where he allegedly made an offer of $10 million if Kelly ditched five of her songs for more radio-friendly. In the meantime, expect to see Kelly in a city near you as she travels across the US this summer as part of her tour.

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