Jason Donovan Wants To Win A Brit Award

Jason Donovan says former girlfriend Kylie Minogue is his inspiration to find chart stardom once again. He says he wants to follow in the singer’s footsteps and perhaps get nominated and win a Brit Award next year. The pair had a number one hit in 1989 with their duet ‘Especially For You.’

The Sun newspaper has embarked on a campaign called ‘Let’s Get Donovan On Again’ to help Jason discover fame again. The main intention of the campaign is to bring Jason back into the limelight after reporting on how the fallen star is currently touring seedy venues around the country. Jason, who was once as famous as Will Young is today, lost his career, together with his pretty boy looks, when he got hooked on drugs in the ’90s.Jason said: “What I would say in relation to people like Kylie is that if you keep on trying, one day it is going to stick. If you keep putting out records and keep making mistakes, doing arty stuff, you can still come back. I was famous in my day. It’s hard to know what is going to happen but I’d love to win a Brit like Kylie. I wouldn’t mind 10. I don’t make comparisons with Kylie. It’s pretty ugly to make comparisons. I’m rich in some areas and she’s rich in others.

Jason, who counts Russell Crowe and Natalie Imbruglia as inspirations as well, adds “The idea that you have to follow a particular course in your working life has gone. If you are clever enough to manipulate things you can be reincarnated.”

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