Internet’s Most-Searched Norah Jones Discovers Ear Plugs

You know, this is not the first time that Norah Jones is climbing charts in that special effortless way of hers. It’s not the first time also she’s topping internet charts as one of the most searched and sought-after smooth jazz/soul artist around. She’s done that like three or four times already.

According to figures derived from search engines, the beautiful Norah Jones with her exotic features and all remains one of the hottest artists around, possibly fueled by sales of her classic of an album ‘Come Away With Me’.

What’s next up, then, for the quiet girl who’s managed to capture the attention of all without even trying? Norah Jones rocking out, perhaps?

She tells Blender magazine “I sure want to. I don’t know. Mostly, I just want to write more songs, and I don’t really know how to do it. I never got a routine down. The past few months, every time I get a free moment I just catch some snoozers.”

“I have” she concludes, “discovered the beauty of earplugs. They’re good.”

Catch Norah at her official space and preview some of her songs off that cult classic must-have LP at

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