Geri Halliwell’s Not A Sport In Battling Melanie B

Trust Geri Halliwell to spoil all the fun. The ginger singer has has pulled out of a book battle with former Spice Girl Mel B. The ex-bandmates were scheduled to bring out autobiographies on the exact same date, 2nd of September.

According to the tabs, slimline Gezza was hot favourite to start with but pre-sales figures showed mouthy Mel outselling her rival by nearly two to one.

So what happens? Geri’s book, named Just For The Record, is jostled back a week and will now hit the shops on the 9th of September.

A publishing source is quoted in the papers saying “Everyone was astounded when pre-sales figures showed Mel’s book, Catch A Fire, was way ahead. It sure looks like Melanie’s book is surely a good read.”

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