George Michael Slams Oasis and ‘Pop Idol’

38 year-old George Michael had a go at Oasis the other day, saying “The critics made one member of Oasis feel like they were the whole of Oasis and he promptly wrecked the best band we’d had in 20 years. The best album is the first album, even the second album, the massive album, was not as good an album as the first album. And he gradually got rid of the band.”

George added further that Oasis’s latest single, ‘The Hindu Times’ was fine, but just not what he would’ve expected from them. Besides that, the ‘Freeek’ vocalist slagged Oasis more by saying “Noel said that most of his gay friends thought I was disgusting. Yeah right! I can really imagine Noel hanging out with a load of nellies around at his house every night, slamming the gays.”Turning his attention to the entire ‘Pop Idol’ phenomenon, “I don’t think Pop Idol has much to do with the music industry,’ said George. “It’s just Saturday night TV entertainment. It’s killing the music industry. The singles market is dying in this country and we’re not exporting any stars around the world. 8 million people called in to vote for Pop Idol, which is about interactivity, not music ok. We should turn all that people power into something positive, maybe give exposure to bands who can’t be heard right now.”

He even conceded that his new single ‘Freeek’ would be outshined by Gareth’s ‘Unchained Melody’, saying “Gareth’s single will be huge, obviously. When I was watching Pop Idol, I never thought it would become this huge mega-event and so it never occurred to me to change the release date of my single”.

George, who apparently is having a fabulous relationship with Kenny Goss, said he was not that surprised that Will had announced he was gay. “It didn’t come as a surprise to me but I’m majorly impressed that he did it. It was fairly obvious though.”

Denying that he had fallen out with former pal, Geri Halliwell, George, who is working to put on a live show next year, said “Geri is a lovely girl and a remarkable person but it’s difficult to be friends with someone who courts the press all the time. I don’t mean that in a bad way. She’s a victim of that process in a way but I love privacy so it’s difficult to be with her. I was drawn to her initially after the Spice Girls split. We’d both recently lost a parent and she was good company to be with.”

George’s ‘Freeek’ is already available in your trusty music outlet and defending the controversial video with its saucy antics, he mentioned, “It’s meant to be tongue in cheek and fun. I’m not advocating that kids go out and become perverts or anything. I do think that people are very suspicious of the sexual opinions of anyone who is openly gay and the flak I’ve received conceals a certain amount of homophobia in the press”.

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