Gareth Gates Goes Bollywood, Says He Used To Have A Crush On A Hot Indian Girl

Sanjeev Bhaskar, star of the brilliantly funny ‘The Kumars At No 42’, has been helping out Gareth Gates with his new video and has given it that authentic Bollywood flavour.

The single is a cover of ‘Spirit In The Sky’ and it’s this year’s Comic Relief record. The more famous version was by ’80s novelty band, Dr And The Medics.

Sanjeev says Gareth owes it all to him “In the video, Gareth has had a bad hair day and hair is the comic relief symbol this year. So he has this dream where the Kumar family take him up to their Bollywood heaven and put his hair straight. I’ve kind of taught him everything he needs to know about the day. I taught him the dance steps, how to sing the song, a couple of comedy routines to help him put his shoes on. I think he’s coming along nicely.”Meanwhile, Gareth has gone on record to say that he used to have a crush on a beautiful Indian classmate but never had the urge to ask her out.

“She was like this Miss India contestant or something. Very pretty. And because of her, I even got hooked on Bollywood flicks which is something I miss doing now that I don’t have time. I never got round to asking her out though. Am a very shy boy.”

He also added “You must watch the video. It’s got the sexy dancers from ‘Bombay Dreams’ as well. It’s all very colourful. Hope you like it” he said, speaking to the press four days ago.

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