Feel It With Beenie Man, Janet Jackson And The Neptunes

In an all-star winning collaboration featuring multi-platinum superstar, Janet Jackson and uber cool producers The Neptunes, Beenie Man is set to explode worldwide with his highly anticipated new single ‘Feel It Boy’.

Critics are hailing it as yet another possible summer anthem of 2002 as it’s such an unforgettable record.

Beenie Man, Jamaica’s top selling deejay, helped co-write ‘Feel It Boy’ with extraordinary hitmakers, The Neptunes. And to top it all off, The Neptunes’ production features Janet Jackson’s signature sounds over their trademark riffs.

Soon, be sure to catch a Dave Meyers directed video, filmed on the beautiful beaches of Southern California. It’ll of course feature onscreen performances by Beenie Man and Janet Jackson so that should be pretty interesting.

‘Feel It Boy’, the first single from Beenie Man’s forthcoming release ‘Tropical Storm’. It seems that the single has already made it into playlists of popular radio stations worldwide on the 3rd of July so chances are you’ve already heard the track. But in case you haven’t then you can always mouse-click yourself to his official website http://www.beenieman.net/ and you’ll be able to hear a special edit of that single.

‘Tropical Storm’ will have an assorted who’s who of special guests that’ll be featured, like Lil Kim, Sean Paul, Lady Saw, So Solid Crew and more. The LP will have sounds like electronica, R&B, rock and hip-hop beats.

‘Tropical Storm’ is the follow up to Beenie’s first release, the highly acclaimed 1999 ‘Art and Life’ that eventually went on to achieve a gold status in the States and even garnered itself a two-time Grammy nomination. So with this upcoming release, it’s sure to break even higher grounds in the US and possibly other nations as well.

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