Estelle Makes Herself Heard And Is Free

Recalling her youth and how she came to where she is now, her debut single 1980 is the perfect introduction to Estelle for those who don’t already know her, and proof to those who do that she can indeed live up to the hype.

1980 is a real life story about growing up and the things that make you who you are, both the good and the bad. Gruesomely dark stories of dead neighbours being eaten by their cats and setting their own houses on fire are as vividly recalled as kung fu films, Connect Four, the Cosby show and dancing to Kid n Play.

Tales of boiling water on the stove to wash, getting her first pair of Nike’s while living off porridge, and huddling under the covers when there was no heat in the house, are told without a hint of sentimentality.

‘They say that everything you go through in life is what you become. If that’s the case I’m becoming number one’, declares the ambitious b-girl. And why not?

Coming from an extended family of nine kids and various relations all under the same roof, she had to learn how to make herself heard.

You’ll most certainly hear more from her as her second single Free will be released in October 4.

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