Could It Be Any Harder To Be The Calling?

The Calling are taking a break from a summer tour this week to shoot the video for their third single, ‘Could It Be Any Harder?’

Meiert Avis, who has filmed U2, Bruce Springsteen and other legendary rockers, is directing the clip, the follow-up to ‘Adrienne’ and ‘Wherever You Will Go.’

“It’s a ballad, and the video revolves around the lifeline of this girl and her growing up and all the stuff she has to go through” singer Alex Band said to reporters. “It’s more of a touching video. It’s going to be a little more artsy. It should make you feel something.”

After the video shoot, The Calling will hit the road for eight more US dates and a string of shows in the UK. The Los Angeles rockers then plan to return to the States and tour through the end of the year.

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