Beyonce – Her Curves, Her Messy Hair And Her Pig Skins

In a revealing interview with Cosmopolitan Magazine, Beyonce told of her messy hair days and her nibbling on snacks.

“I like to walk around my house with bare feet and messy hair, but that can be sexy, too. I have an old-fashioned view on sexuality, in that I don’t think it should be in your face. It’s the opposite of who I am on stage.”

She also revealed how she used to enjoy eating pork skins whilst on the set filming Dreamgirls. “It is so tempting on film sets. They have these tables with every kind of food. I’d eat pork skins because that’s the closest thing to chips.”

Sounds like she’s a real down to earth girl. During an interview with the Daily Mirror she was quoted as saying that she prefers the curvy look to size zero. “You should be thinking about building up your character and having fun, not how much you weigh,” the Mirror quoted her, as saying. “My song Bootylicious is a celebration of curves and a woman’s natural body,” she added. We agree. Good for you Beyonce!

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