Backstreet Boys Have Not Split Up

The Backstreet Boys aren’t about to break up, a spokesperson has confirmed.

Rumours of a supposed split emerged after it was revealed that Nick Carter is currently working on some solo material. In addition, a message appeared on the boyband’s official website,, which read: “The Backstreet Boys website is currently on hiatus, and no more memberships will be accepted.”

However, a spokeswoman for the boys has poo-poohed the rumours, telling an UK music website that “The website is on hiatus because the band are working on new material. They’re planning to release a new album and are working on individual projects as well.”

The group’s fifth studio album will be ready later in the year and is to be produced by the likes of Jermaine Dupri and Glen Ballard, in an attempt to compete with their US rivals N’Sync, who have gained a lot of credibility since moving in a more urban-flavoured musical direction.

Ask me and I say N’Sync beats the Backstreet Boys hands down, man.

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